How much does it cost?

Each local scout group (we are 1st Garforth) charges a fee (called subs) to cover the costs of running regular meetings. This includes maintaining our building & equipment, insurances and materials for activities.

There are sometimes extra charges for special activities such as camps, events & trips out.

We try to keep our subs as low as possible so that anyone can come to Scouts. If you think you may need help paying subs (or the extra charges), please speak to your Leader or our Group Scout Leader at any time, and they will be able to talk though what we can offer.

Our Current Subs:

Subs are currently set at £50.00 per term or a discounted rate of £40.00 per term for additional siblings.

There is also an initial investiture charge of £7.00 to cover Necker and starter badges.

There are 3 terms:

  • Spring: January to April
  • Summer: May to August
  • Autumn: September to December

If for any reason we need to raise subs, you will be given at least 1 terms notice.