Raven Cub Pack Rules

Rules that all Cubs must follow.

Rules our Cubs must follow

We have two types of rules that Cubs must follow. The code of conduct is made by the Cubs for other Cubs and shows what they think is important as rules they should follow. The Pack Rules are made by Leaders and are either common sense or things that we will remind our Cubs of regularly as/when needed.

Code of Conduct made by Cubs:

When Cubs join our pack, they will need to sign the Cub pack code of conduct. These are decided on by our Cubs every few terms and show what they think will help keep them and others safe whilst having fun at Cubs. It teaches our Cubs about responsibility; because they have agreed to those rules that they expect others to follow, they must follow them as well.

We recommend you print off the PDF below and go through them with your Cub before they start.

I promise:

  • To follow the Cub Scout Law
  • Always do my best, try my hardest and have a go
  • Think of others before themselves
  • Do a good turn every day.
  • To follow my Cub Scout promise
  • To arrive on time
  • To wear my full uniform to meetings
  • To pay attention
  • To be sensible
  • To always listen
  • To respect and help others
  • Be kind, not be rude or mean
  • To treat others as I want to be treated
Pack Rules

These are rules that are set in stone by Leaders and is what is expected of our Cubs to keep everyone safe. Failure to follow these rules may lead to a Cub having to leave our Cub pack. We consider this to be a last resort and will always be after conversations with Parents/Guardians.

These rules may not be all inclusive and must be followed alongside all Scout UK rules listed in the POR. Any actions that may lead to immediate suspension from Scouting are listed in Gross Misconduct (see below).

We recommend you read these to your Cub before they start Cubs and make sure they understand and are able to follow them.

Cubs must at all times:
  • Arrive and Depart from Cubs with a Parent/Guardian (unless otherwise instructed by a Leader)
  • Listen to and follow safety instructions at all times
  • Follow the instructions of a Leader in the event of fire or fire drill and meet at the designated fire safety point
  • Cooperate with other Cubs and Leaders and respect others points of view even if they do not believe them themselves
Cubs must not:
  • Leave the building without permission of a Leader
  • Bring any food with them to Cubs (see below)
  • Bring any electronic or mobile device to Cubs (see below)
  • Go behind the Leaders table or into the Cupboard without permission
  • Fight with another individual
  • Swear or use any inappropriate language
  • Enter a supervised area (such as storerooms, leaders room and kitchen) without a Leaders permission
  • Attempt to force another individual to do something that they do not wish to do
  • Undermine reasonable adjustments made for any individuals that may be in place because of a disability, condition or injury
    • For example, a Cub sitting on a chair instead of the floor or doing another activity from others in the group
    • These will have the permission of a Leader and be made clear to any Cub when asked about
Mobile Phones and Electronics

We do not allow the use of any mobile phones or electronics at Cubs. This is to prevent damage and prevent bullying/cyberbullying.
If you do have circumstances where your Cub may need a phone, please talk to a leader and we will make arrangements for them to be safely stored while at Cubs and returned at the end.

Food and Drinks

We do not allow Cubs to bring ANY food to Cubs. Cubs do not know the dietary restrictions or allergy of other Cubs, Leaders or Parent Helpers so we restrict bringing any food to Cubs. We do not allow chewing gum as this provides a choking hazard and not all Cubs are able to dispose of it responsibly.

We may provide food at Cubs following any allergies or dietary restrictions of all our Cubs. In the case that a Cub can not have food that others can have, we will do our best to find a suitable replacement so that the Cub doesn’t feel left out. We will contact you if we need any additional information

We allow and actively encourage our Cubs to bring water to Cub to drink water or fruit juice. Water will be available at nearly all activities unless stated otherwise. We do not allow fizzy drinks or energy drinks.

Any food, chewing gum or drinks we find will be disposed of immediately and not returned at the end of the night.


We do not limit any Cub’s access to toilets. We will say in the rare circumstances in which they must ask to go but in general, Cubs can go to the toilet without approval from a Leader.

Cubs Behaviour Policy

Across the term we run a 3 step warning system for Cubs that break the rules:

1st Warning – Cubs will have a warning from Leaders

2nd Warning – Parents are spoken to regarding their Cub’s behaviour

3rd Warning – Cubs will have a minimum 1 week break from Cubs and if necessary will require a conversation with Parents/Guardians and the Group Scout Leader before being allowed to take part in Cubs again.

Any future warnings will require a conversation with Parents/Guardians and the Group Scout Leader to discuss whether Cubs is a suitable place

Regardless of prior warnings, any severe breach of rules will require a conversation with the Group Scout Leader per the Leader in charge’s discretion.

Gross misconduct

The following are classed as gross misconduct and will not be tolerated in any form. This applies to Cubs, any other member of Scouting, Leaders and Parents/ Guardians. This will lead to immediate suspension from Scouting following the review of Section Leaders, the Group Scout Leader and District Leaders and may lead to a ban from joining other Scout Groups.

In the Scouts it is interpreted as observed practices that are a very clear breach of the Values of Scouting – these do not cover every eventuality but include:

  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Theft
  • Physical Violence
  • Serious insubordination
  • Any action that may intentionally cause physical and emotional damage to another individual and damage to the Scouting experience or property

Bullying is characterised as offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour, abuse or misuse of power through means that a recipient is undermined, humiliated, denigrated or injured.

Harassment is ‘unwanted conduct that has the purpose or effect of violating people’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment’. Harassment may also be any conduct that focuses on characteristics outlined by Equality Act 2010. A person may be harassed even if they were not the intended ‘target.’ For example, a person may be harassed by jokes about a different ethnic group if the jokes create an offensive environment.